About Mini Mason

11947618_10153078160866088_5216664840086300715_nTo be or not to be was a question… so I chose to pick up fragments of my creative self after almost two decades of soul searching in the corporate world. Today I am a Mini Mason, a mosaic artist in Gurgaon weaving fascinating stories around artworks that I create with hand cut pieces of glass.

I engage with people in Mosaic art by offering::

I have vibrant vision of colourful mosaics that fill our world, bringing beauty, joy and inspiration… and the will to keep on chasing bigger … brighter dreams.

I believe everyone is a potential Mini Mason, we recreate art from broken dreams, shattered glass to urban landscape. Mosaicking is therapeutic, fun, engaging and highly addictive. 🙂

You can stay in touch with me via Facebook to know what’s been happening at Mini Mason.

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